mtvee's blarg

December 02 2017

What now?

I am already wondering what is next for this thing, although there is a lot of obvious stuff. So i had a look for other static site generators and found a nice list.

Jekyll seems like the top dog but it is written in ruby and I have no use for ruby at the moment so forget that. Looking over the docs i'm not sure I like the assumptions it makes anyway, especially regarding the file naming for content. I am currently just using the file modification time to insert a date variable but that isn't going to work for edits and what not.

What I need next I suppose is a way to have some meta data per file. How to do that sensibly? Markdown doesn't have a real way to put comments in the file so I guess it comes down to either pre-processing or adding another file, say with the FILENAME.json or something like that.


I implemented input directory recursion and the FILENAME.json for page level meta data. Time for a burger.